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Alameda County Loan Repayment Program


The Alameda County Loan Repayment Program (ACLRP) was developed by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (ACBH) through its Mental Health Services Act Workforce Education and Training component funding and in collaboration with the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA).

The purpose of the ACLRP is to provide financial incentive to retain current qualified, eligible employees in "hard-to-fill/retain" positions in the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care system. ACLRP is designed to retain mental health professionals in ACBH who reflect Alameda County's diverse population and share the same ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds of the under-served and unserved communities that ACBH serves. A limited number of awards will be available for up to $10,000 per individual towards repayment of educational loans in exchange for a 12-month service obligation. Eligible applicants must work in ACBH county-operated settings or in contracted, community-based mental health or substance use disorder agencies in a "hard-to-fill/retain" position, as defined by ACBH. Please refer to the ACLRP Program Guide for the hard-to-fill/retain criteria established by ACBH to meet critical workforce needs.

You will be given until the end of the application period to complete any or all parts of this application. Time taken to complete the application will not be recorded or used in review of applying applicants. An applicant will be able to edit any of their responses made in Career.Place at any stage of the application before submission for review. CalMHSA recommends applicants submit their applications as early as possible. CalMHSA will be conducting initial completeness reviews of all submitted applications and may request additional or incomplete information from applications submitted early.

After applicants have submitted their application on Career.Place, applicants must return an Employment Verification via DocuSign/email to CalMHSA, signed by both the applicant and an immediate supervisor. This verification document will be sent after submission to Career.Place, and will be sent to the applicant and supervisor email addresses collected during the application process. Applicants will have up to two weeks (14 days) after the close of the application period to return this document to CalMHSA.

CalMHSA has developed an informational video webinar that will go through the Alameda County Loan Repayment Program and the steps of completing the application online. CalMHSA will be collecting questions to facilitate a "Frequently Asked Questions" section on the CalMHSA website. The posting dates of the webinar and FAQ are as follows:
Once published, the Informational Webinar video can be found at the top of this application page, as well as through the CalMHSA website, to be viewed at a time most convenient to the applicant.
This grant application is being managed through a human resources tool called Career.Place, which is an anonymous applicant screening tool historically used for hiring. CalMHSA is using it to ensure a blind evaluation of grant applications to ensure that content-matter reviewers of your submissions will not have access to any identifying information about you that may inform reviewer bias. This will ensure a fair, objective, and equitable process for all.

Disclaimer: Versions of this application may have language targeted towards hiring and employment. You may encounter options with language that suggest this is an application for employment. Please ignore this language and be ensured that this is a grant application and not an application for employment.
To be considered for the program, applicants will need to:
  • Meet general applicant direct service hour requirements, and hard-to-fill/retain and/or cultural eligibility criteria for this program
  • Remain in their current hard-to-fill/hard-to-retain position for a 12 month service obligation period
  • Agree to regular check-ins with CalMHSA staff during their 12 month service obligation period
  • Complete all sections of the application on Career.Place including eligibility criteria, applicant personal statements, and applicant information submission via a linked Google Form
    • Upon completion of the Google Form, applicants will be asked to return to their Career.Place application for final submission
  • Complete an Employment Verification form, to be verified and signed by an immediate supervisor (Facilitated via DocuSign)
    • This will be sent to the email address supplied via the Applicant Information section in the Google Form within 10 business days of accepted application submission to Career.Place
  • Are a legal permanent resident with the ability to legally work in the state of California
  • Have outstanding educational debt from a commercial or U.S. Governmental lending institution
  • Currently work in the Alameda County behavioral health care system full time, or part time for psychiatrists
  • Have been employed in an Alameda County Behavioral Health setting for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the close of this open application period (EOB 9/10/2020)
  • Have no outstanding service obligation to another entity that would overlap with the required service period of this program (estimated 3/1/2021 - 2/28/2022)