Xibus Systems

Director of Hardware

444 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143, USA




You will be a founding member of the Xibus Systems team, developing a new testing platform for rapid microbiological testing in the food and beverage industry. 

Your initial focus will be on translating and optimizing hardware design for transaction of optical signal from a proprietary micro-lens system, and design of a minimum viable product for customer testing.

You will work closely with materials and biotechnology application development leaders on overall system design. You will also cultivate partnerships with academic advisers and consultants in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and software engineering as part of an active research, development and commercialization strategy.

• Medical insurance
• Dental insurance
• Equity in the company

This is the perfect opportunity for someone with a passion for biosensing applications, and an excitement for being part of something new, innovative, and disruptive.

Do you love to solve problems, collaborating with incredibly talented people in academia and industry, and serving a founding partner along-side a dedicated team? This job is for you! You'll leverage a passionate combination of creativity and execution, and enjoy purposeful independence and collaboration.

As an early part of the team - you'll be one of three of us, initially - you'll receive early equity in the company and join us for the journey as we bring novel technology to an important problem.

Xibus Systems is a newly formed start-up dedicated to raising the bar in food quality and safety. We are forging a revolutionary path in testing standards by introducing a new testing approach to find pathogens, allergens and spoilage organisms faster, cheaper and in more places than has ever been possible. 

Our team is passionate about our company, our mission, and our tech, and our approach is backed by IP licensed from MIT.

Do you want to be a part of raising the bar? Join us at Xibus Systems!