Ultimate Medical Academy

IT Project Manager - Call Center Operations - Relocation to Tampa, FL

Relocation to Tampa, FL, 33614


Program Managers serve as the primary liaison between IT and a specific line of business.  This position cohesively aligns IT initiatives across a line of business and ensures delivery of IT engagement is maximized on behalf of the line of business.  By developing a deep understanding of how the business unit works and succeeds, this individual will work with multiple projects and teams, in high-pressure environments to deliver IT products and services in support of the business unit.  The Program Manager roll takes the lead position in driving IT initiatives for the business unit, working collaboratively with Executive Leadership, Legal & Compliance, Business & Academic Teams, IT Teams, and vendors.  They are the go-to person for what is going with IT in that business unit.
• Medical insurance
• Dental insurance
• Vision insurance
• Prescription drug coverage
• Wellness program
• Health Spending Account (HSA)
• Paid holidays
• Paid vacation
• 401K
• Life Insurance
• Flex Spending Account (FSA)
• Tuition Assistance
Our institutional values are shaped and validated by our employees. They describe how we strive to operate and are the standards of behavior we look to embody.

We operate honestly and ethically in an industry-compliant fashion. We are fair and trustworthy in our interactions with all we serve. Our employees, at all levels, lead by example and strive to do the right thing for our students and for each other. We are disciplined professionals who strive to be straightforward and dependable.

We live by a strong commitment to our students and are passionate about preparing them for meaningful careers. We are deeply dedicated to ensuring students’ educational and career success. We excel at building our students’ confidence and empowering them to reach their full potential.

We are committed to our employees’ success and to each other’s success. We strive to create an environment that attracts and retains the best talent while offering continuous learning, professional development and career growth opportunities. We recognize and reward our employees for their contributions to the organization and to our students.

We pursue results with a sense of urgency and purpose. We take responsibility for achieving ambitious, measurable results and hold each other accountable. We think strategically and critically, greet new ideas and challenges openly, and look for innovative solutions to challenges.

Enjoying what we do is central to achieving our goals. Building energy, having fun, being optimistic and creating a positive working environment are all critical to our success and that of our students. We strive to be inspired and to inspire others. We consistently show appreciation and celebrate our successes, both large and small.

We believe that cooperative, supportive teams produce breakthrough results. We strive to build and maintain positive relationships, show respect and humility when interacting with each other, and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. By working together we win together - as one - ensuring that the goals of the company are the focal point of our efforts.