Career.Place is a mission-oriented HR Technology company. 

While our remote team varies widely in many things; background, personal style, political leaning, football team affiliation, level of Star Wars obsession, etc. We all have one thing in common - a passion for our company, our mission, and our solution.

We are constantly questioning, improving, iterating on one another's ideas. We do not always agree, nor do we blindly lead or follow. We celebrate our differences and we all add to the conversation. And, yes, sometimes we argue. But, we are always respectful. We laugh, we debate, we assist, and we celebrate. 

The culture is a cross between an energetic start-up racing towards aggressive goals with an obsession for creative tactics and a crazy 'Friendsgiving' pot-luck where not all of us always remember what we were supposed to bring, but we all want to make sure everyone is happy and well fed.

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